1B Offa rd, Adewole, Ilorin, Kwara State

Our Company

WHo are WE?

SafeHands Technologies Limited Doing Business As safehanzz.com is an e – commerce platform business and a marketplace that connects both physical and human assets to those who need them instantaneously. Safehands technologies leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data analytics in creating a marketplace that brings both together.

safehanzz.com provides a suite of services ranging from Real estate listing, house help Services, Car Sharing, Ride Hailing, Airport Pickup, Hitch a ride out of town, Childcare Services, Artisans, Health & Wellness, Private Security Services, Food Delivery, Mobile insurance, and Unskilled labor pool. Our innovative approach to bringing all of these together will lead to the full market optimization of physical and human assets. The founding team have decades in combined senior strategic management experience

Our Vision

To be the number one Nigerian employee and customer focused company.

Our Value Proposition

In each of our business category, we drive full optimization of both human and physical assets through the elimination of waste and redundancy.


To be the enterprise solution to the full market optimization of physical and human resources.